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ABOUT ME: Lorri King

Hello and welcome to my photography site.  My love for photography began 26+ years ago, as a mother who became addicted to the images she captured of her sweet babies. The passion for photography grew over the years as I developed my skills at church functions and youth sporting events.  I became the most popular mom around and my photography began to win awards!  More than that, it made me happy.


The professional side came about 10 years into this journey.  My youngest and my camera were a marriage made in heaven.  Designers all over the US wanted my sweet babe and my photography to represent their clothing and designs.  We worked with boutiques and clothing lines as well as ebay and etsy designers.  It was a very sweet time. Through those years I learned the ins and outs of both indoor and outdoor photography as well as the business side of things.    

In the early 2000s we moved to a small suburb near Baton Rouge and I spent six years working as the media director for a local church.  Working in media was great, I love designing websites, and creating and editing videos as well as flyers and sermon graphics. I learned a lot, but my heart has and will always be photography.  

Over time I have learned the value of simply focusing on what you love, like spending time with family, friends and photography.  It's easy, I love capturing special moments. The one moment that truly has my heart, is seniors.  Such a great time in any young adult's life.  I'm honored to be the one that captures that fun and excitement. I love giving a nod to their favorite sport or academic or capturing a fluid dance move or a quiet moment with a loved instrument, it's a special time and I love being a small part of it.  


There is magic in these moments, I find the magic. Oh and I like purple (clearly - see picture above.) Which has nothing to do with my photography but it sure makes me easy to find!

Thanks for visiting my site and considering my photography.  Regardless of who you choose as your photographer, I wish you so much happiness as you begin a new phase in your life.  Its so exciting!

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