Purple Buds


Hello and welcome to my photography site.  I have worn many hats over the years.  I began as a mother who became addicted to pictures of her sweet babies. The youngest of my babies began to model at the age of 2 through age 6.  It was a wonderful experience of playing dress up with her as the "baby doll" and I as the photograher.  We both enjoyed working with so many fantastic fashion designers from North Carolina to California to New York.  

When we moved to a small suburb near Baton Rouge, I spent six years working as a media director for a local church.  Working in media was great, I love websites, and video and graphics but my favorite has and will always be photographry.  


Now my kids are grown and I have learned the value of simply focusing on what you love like family, friends and photography.  Its easy, I love capturing special moments. Everything from a dreamy, dramatic moment to the lighter side's giggles grins and big bright smiles..


There is magic in the moments, I find the magic. Oh and I like purple (clearly.). Which has nothing to do with my photography but it sure makes me easy to find!

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