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Professional Editing Services

Just the right touch of editing magic
for images from snapshot to professional!

Hello and welcome to my editing services.  I have 20 plus years experience editing in Adobe Photoshop and 10 years in Lightroom.  As a photographer in the south Louisiana area, I know what it takes in time and skill to fully and correctly edit images.  I offer editing services for the professional photog that needs someone to edit so they can "get back to work" shooting, but my services are also perfect for Momtographers and Grandmatographers! You have that new camera, you're taking pictures of your loved one, your friends, your pets and your neighbors yet something is missing.  You spend hours in front of your editing software trying to make your photos look like the ones you see facebook and instagram BUT its hard AND its time consuming AND its taking the fun out of the images you captured. Let me take your images and polish them to a nice photographic shine! I have always said the image is simply playdough, the editing is what takes an images to a magical place.


From basic editing to beautifying to extreme image manipulation (like head swapping, clothes smoothing, large object removal) I have the experience and the skill to make your image editing dreams come true. Choose from the packages below or request a quote.  Description of the services provided in each option as well as additional services are listed below the package options.


The Pretty Package

Package includes edtiing of ONE image using the following options:

1. Basic

2.  Resizing

Image is ready with in 24 hours of confirmation of receipt of images.  Image can be RAW or JPG Format.  Email for a quote for more than 15 images..





The Beauty Package

Package includes editing of ONE image using the following options:

1. Basic

2. Beauty

3. Resizing

Image is ready within 24 hours of confirmation of receipt of image(s).  Image and be RAW or JPG Format.





Bulk Editing Package

 Up to 10 images (from one session) brought to their full potential using the following options:

1. Basic

2. Beauty

Images are ready in 48 hours. Images can be RAW (preferred) or JPG format.  Order this pacakge in multiples for larger sessions.  Email for a quote if you have more than 200 images.



Full Resolution images are recommended for best results.  Low resolution images will produce poor results.  Out of focus images are not recommended.  I can try to work with an out of focus image BUT I can’t promise anything!  Click Purchase to pay for your service.  Once payment has been recieved I will send you a link to upload your image(s).  If you have any questions, please use the contact tab above to inquire.  

Once payment has been made, a link will be emailed to you so that you may upload your images.


Adjusting your images for the best color, exposure, vibrance and clarity including:

White balance adjustment

Exposure adjustment

Clarity and sharpening

Saturation and vibrance

Horizontal line straightening

Noise reduction


Skin smoothing

Stray hair removal

Blemish removal

Eye enhancement (including eye bag/dark circle reduction)

Teeth whitening

Small object removal (if requested)

Additional services.  Request a quote.

Head Swapping

Large Item Remove & Replace

Clothing/Wrinkle Repair

Adding Item/Person to Image


Saving social network images to 4×6 images at 300 dpi

Cropping to square if requested

Cropping and Straightening 

Horizontal line straightening and cropping to original aspect ratio,

custom sizes, or standard aspect ratios such as 5×7, 8×10, 11×14.


In a hurry?  Need an expert eye to choose the best of your captures down to that amazing top percentage?

Add culling services to your order.  

500 images submitted culled to 100 (top 20%)  $25 per 500 images

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