Surprise Proposal: Photography Gone WRONG!

There are photography moments where everything works, the light is wonderful, the angle is great, the picture is perfect and the moment is captured. THIS was NOT one of those moments. A precious couple, a surprise engagement, fit for a Princess! Because she is a Princess.

I have known this young lady since she was very little, 9 or 10 years old. I have loved her and watched her grow. I can remember her and her friends sitting with me during service at church. YES, maybe because I had cute sons, BUT we had developed a bond as well. One Sunday morning I heard the Holy Spirit tell me "She will be a part of your life for a very long time." I didn't know what it meant, but I felt it distinctly and I knew it would be true. And she has. Through social media, through working together, and just simply loving each other.

She has grown into a beautiful young lady, worthy of a Prince. And she got a wonderful prince, she got Stephen! The day of Stephen's proposal to her was planned by her Prince for months in advance, down to the last detail. So sweet, so special. He learned to play piano! Taught himself, as a surprise to her! (see video!!) And on this very special day, I HAD EQUIPMENT FAILURE!!! Yes its true. After setting up, testing lights and placement, testing again as the sun set, testing again right before she arrived....all for nothing because my 580 ex ii flash and 430 ex ii flash decided to completely ignore my pocket wizard! I continued to shoot, hoping that the flash (either or both) would come on...for just a few shots...but to no avail. I was sick. I wanted to throw up! How could I have missed this special moment. With a heavy heart, after the congratulations were over, the hugging down to a minium, I asked the couple to come and re-propose! NOT the same...but it would have to serve. Sad...sad....sad. I left feeling discouraged by my contribution to the night BUT still so happy for this precious couple. I love them. Love that whole family. They love the Lord, they love each other, they are just the cutest! Link to the proposal and final video of the whole evening is below. You really should watch is so special (get kleenex.)

So today I began to edit the pictures. All captures before and after the proposal were good (some grain because it was so dark) but really nice. THEN I come to the black photos, all black, just a tad of light from the candles...AHHHH!....just to check, I pulled a raw file of a black photo into Camera Raw....hit the auto button JUST to see if it would find anything AND MY PICTURE OF THIS PRECIOUS COUPLE APPEARED! The Happy Ending! Its not "canvas quality" but its there and the memory is preserved!

Here's the before and after! :)

I am relieved to say that all the pictures, though underexposed, to the MAX, were there! I am just so relieved and happy. It would have been better, of course, if it had been captured with my soft, in the distance, diffused light, but at least I have the memories and was able to provide them that!

MORAL OF THE STORY ....shoot in raw! Seriously. That and make sure your flashes work!....although I did that. ??? Congratulations to Cara Alise and Stephen Couvillion, Thank you for letting me be a part of your day! I know I will never forget it!!!

Link to Stephen's beautiful proposal!

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